Final Viking Session.

Final classes at VSM Sewing Center, 2005

Some pictures from our final session at the Viking Sewing Gallery on Elston Avenue in Chicago:

Some of the pics aren’t that great, but here you go:

Final Viking Session.
Cramped, but efficient.
Lisa Helms on Machine
Lisa takes a break from her first project to mug for the camera.
Marika's project.
Marika put out a lot of good sewing.
young student pressing
These girls were impressive!
You wish you could have made this at 10 yrs. old!
Generally, we focus on clothing. But if you beg...
western shirt
Cute western-style blouse.
Inkuleleko made this skirt from scratch.
Maire-Kennedy in her copied dress.
Maire wanted to copy a dress she already owned.
Butterick faux-wrap dress looks easy, but is kinda like oragami.

Too bad they decided to go with a more sales-driven class model.

The students put out a lot of really good work.