Jennifer tackles Vogue #1153

Jennifer Ma began classes at the workroom this Spring. Vogue #1153 was her first project.

Jen Ma in Vogue 1153
Vogue #1153 with a couple of changes.

Jen made it out of a crush pleated silk-nylon blend. The fabric has a great drape but was very difficult to work with.

She did deviate from the pattern twice – all of the edging was sewn by hand with a hem-stitch in rayon thread to keep the texture of the fabric from crushing and she decided at the end to forgo the small trim that was supposed to be topstitched to the horizontal seams.

Vogue #1153
Vogue #1153

You can check out the pattern at Vogue’s site here. review here.

We should add, as an aside, that the handsome gentleman with her is Eddie Lu, CS genius and one of the owners/developers of, a new take on social networking and dining. Check them out! (no, they didn’t pay for or ask for that)