Anjali shows off Vogue #7975 at the workrooms at Tchad LLC, sewing classes in Chicago

Anjali Makes Vogue #7975 With Some Flair

Anjali chose Vogue #7975 for her first project.  This is a nice Chanel-inspired jacket we have seen a number of times over the years that is easy to construct and fits well across the spectrum of shapes and sizes.

Vogue #7975
Envelope Vogue #7975

Anjali’s height limits her ability to find a good business jacket that fits off the rack.  At 4’5″ tall, she was desperate to get out of the children’s section.  She worked this jacket up in a black & white houndstooth plaid, and then lined it in chartreuse charmeuse (say that three times fast).

The second she finished, before she could even think about the final pressing, she was thrilled to show it off:

Anjali shows off Vogue #7975 at the workrooms at Tchad LLC, sewing classes in Chicago
Finally! A jacket that fits!
Side view Vogue 7975 at tchad llc, sewing classes in chicago
Side view, after light shoulder pads and before the final pressing.

The pattern doesn’t call for a lining – relying only on neckline facings, but we have found that a lining cleans things up a bit and makes it wear better.  You can use the same pattern pieces, making sure to join the back neck facing to the back lining sections before you attach the lining/facing combination to the garment itself.

Anjali teases you with her chartreuse charmeuse at Tchad LLC - sewing classes in Chicago.
Anjali teases you with her chartreuse charmeuse.
Chartreuse Charmeuse at Tchad LLC, Sewing Classes in Chicago.
Contrasting linings can be a really great way to individualize what may otherwise have been a staid (if nice) jacket.

This is a great pattern:  Easy to sew and fits well!

Sewing Pattern Review

Vogue #7975