Decima in France

Decima Conquers Provence

Or, with the classical bent we have at Tchad, I suppose you could subtitle it:
She came, She Sewed, She Conquered*

Decima was in a quandary.  She had a formal wedding to go to in the South of France and had nothing to wear.

We can’t always be fairy godmothers at the workroom – but sometimes we can come close.

Decima draughted this corseted and pleated late-mid century dream.

She worked for a while to get all of the piping around the bodice set properly.  A note about piping:  When you are using it as a design detail in a dress, please make sure that you have all of the fitting and geometry correct before you place the piping and set it.  It is such a chore to remove and reconfigure once it is in.

Decima Fitting
Getting the fit right is Critical
Decima Fitting
Make sure EVERYTHING is correct before you set the piping!

The bodice is actually three layers to hold the shape – a lining, a firm corset, and the fashion fabric. It is so fitted that it required two separate zippers – one to hold the corset in place and one for the fashion fabric.

And these picture, my little sewing babies, are what make it all worthwhile.

Decima in France

Decima and Adam in Hotel

Decima in France

Decima and Adam reflecting
We are suckers for the reflections in antique mirrors.




*Please forgive us that we can’t remember offhand the Latin 3rd person for those verbs. We think it is Venit, Svit, Vicit  But wouldn’t dare to commit that to a sub-title proper!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Love it! Love it! Love it! WOW!
    Now I want one wether I have anywhere to wear it or not. Just Georgeous.

  2. Looks like she had a fairy godmother after all!

  3. OH how I missed the Blog! The woman who owned the bed and breakfast complimented the dress, and said it fit well with her decor. I never thought matching a house could be such a compliment. Thank you Tchad. You are my knight with shining Gingers. Can’t wait to make more fairytale dresses.

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