Natalie Drapes With Knits

After students have gone through a couple of classes and begin to understand the nature of patternmaking and how it relates to construction, they usually want to go in for a little draping.

When we dive into the world of draping, we don’t just jump.  Baby steps.  You want to start simple and then build from there.  This does two things: it keeps you from getting overwhelmed and frustrated and it makes your first project more likely to succeed.

Natalie started off classes with a basic velvet skirt, then moved on to knits and learned a little more about patternmaking, and then she draped this great cowl-neck shift in a heavy double-knit.

See, when you take your time and really think things through your are much more likely to succeed.

Check her out:

Natalie's Draping project

A really well draped cowl!

We are especially proud of how well the facing and finishing details were taken care of.  The arms and neckline are really well formed.

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  1. Very nice indeed!

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