Averie Mugs For Camera

Needs More Polka-Dots!

Debbie Permoda has been at the workroom a lot over the past month.

As an active grandmother and Mrs. Indiana, she has tons on her plate.

We have been a little blue around here anyway, and so when Debbie asked if she could bring her granddaughter Averie along for one of her sessions we gave a resounding “YES”.
Averie is six and wanted to design some dresses.  Actually she wanted to design some dressis, but we cleared that up pretty fast as you can see on the board.

So she designed them on the whiteboard that spans the wall in the secondary workroom and then asked if they made sense.

Avery's designs
Averie’s collection.

To the left is what we drew to double check her ideas.

Her response? “That’s perfect! But it needs more Polka-Dots!”

Then turned and said to Debbie: “You can wear it on the runway!”

Averie Mugs For Camera

So while we don’t encourage you to bring your kids up a lot, sometimes it works out for everybody!

Also: Per Debbie’s request in the comments, here are the pics of the letter we got later:

Averie's letter.  HAVE YOU MADE MY DRESSES?!?
Averie’s letter: HAVE YOU MAD MY DRESIS YET?!?


  1. How Cute!
    Glad to see the blog back.

  2. Now you just have to make that collection for her, and believe me she will not forget!

  3. Author

    I am going to scan in the note she sent and post it.
    Maybe when we start making dresses again in a year or so we can hire her as a design consultant!

  4. Oh you have to post the note she send you, it was so cute

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