Esprit Kimono pour les Petits

Verena wanted to work up some clothes for her baby so that it has some cute modern non-gender specific stuff to wear when it gets here, and started looking for a copy of “Esprit Kimono pour les Petits” by Peggy Goyer-Roussel and Zazo Bouzi. It is a French children’s pattern book that can be hard to find, but she found it and worked up some of the cutest little kimono-inspired tops.

The instructions are all in French, but the sequence and layout will make this easy enough for the non-French speaking intermediate sewer.

The shapes are simple and if you do read French, the directions are clean and concise.  Overall, this is a great book for kids’ clothing that we are going to make a part of the workroom’s collection from here on out.


Just a perfect little book.