When you have younger folks around who are still in school you are going to learn all kind of things.  

(20 year old reading book while waiting for class) “Do you know what ‘kairos‘ means?”

Tchad: “I’d like to tell you I do, but that wouldn’t be true; where did you hear it?”

Student: “It’s Greek and just seems like something you’d know.”

So Nathan spelled it and I wrote it up on the board.  Then we hit up wikipedia as we do for a lot of things that aren’t related to sewing.

“The propitious moment for a decision or action.  A right or critical moment.” 

And with that, my sewing buddies, we came face to face with fate or divine providence.  Because if there were ever more a time for kairos around the workrooms it is today.

This blog, as a testament to what goes on around here, has been languishing in the servers in our office with only sporadic updates for years.  So without wasting the kairos that has been thrown our way, lets get some traction and get moving.

We’ll be updating the blog every day for the next month at least with content that our folks up here have generated since the last 2016 post.  It is going to be one hell of a ride, so buckle your seatbelt.