Erin trims out under the bustline of her Uniquely You form to get the perfectly shaped bosom.

Tip: Pre-Shape the Foam When Building a Uniquely You Form

We’ve written before about how much we enjoy the Uniquely You forms.  They are really the best way to get the most use out of an adjustable dress form while maintaining flexibility.

When you are getting into the initial stages, you may find that the form is too big so that even when you get the shaped cover on, it still bulges because of the pressure.

Not to fear!  If you use an electric knife or bread knife to pre-cut it, you can trim the shape down a bit so that it doesn’t give you an undefined bulge.  This is especially good to keep in mind for the back of the shoulders, the small of the back right above the tailbone, and the crease under the breasts.  Those are the places we most often found this to be a problem.

It is just SO unnerving to walk into a class where this is going on.