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McCall’s #7133: A Great Pattern Despite The Envelope Pictures

Sigh. McCall’s #7133.  It has shown up at the workroom at least once a year since it came out and generates all kinds of conversations.

McCall's #7133: sewing classes in chicago: tchad: jumpsuit: pattern: kanya: versatile
Cover of McCall’s #7133

So the first thing we’d say about it is that it is a GREAT pattern if you are looking for a fitted jumpsuit that has a wide palazzo leg but fits through the hip and waist with a nicely shaped bodice.  It is really nice for a smaller or average sized woman and GREAT for women with curves and who maybe want an open surplice neckline that doesn’t expose cleavage.  We’ve never had the separates version made up here – people just go nuts for the jumpsuit.

Kanya worked it up in a white linen with black cherry blossom print as her first project and it turned out really well:

Sewing classes in chicago: tchad: mcccll's pattern: 7133: kanya: linen
McCall’s #7133


Sewing classes in chicago: tchad: mcccll's pattern: 7133: kanya: linen
Incognito with McCall’s #7133 before hemming.  Sometimes you just need a cleopatra bobbed wig and sunglasses to get you through it all, you know?

So one of the conversations we have about it is when we introduce it to people as a great pattern for a first project that has been made up here in linen, silk faille, crepe backed satin, charmeuse, lightweight cotton, and rayon.  It can be anything you want it to be from a sheer or semi-sheer swimsuit coverup to a one-piece suitable for any evening event you’d think of and anything in between.

This conversation, though, generates the second conversation to be had about it.  The photographs on the cover of the envelope in no way whatsoever do the garment justice.  Especially the plaid picture on the left. Aside from fabric choice conversations – which for us are always “Do what you want, let other people figure out their own tastes, only you live in your skin.”  The fabric that McCall’s decided to go with for the marketing here is very, very not great. It would have been better to use something that really showed off the shape and drape – that showed that great open but still respectable neckline or the sway/fullness of those legs.  But no.  What looks like crepe rayon plaid won the day at the meeting and here we are: A really functional beautiful pattern that is a hard sell as a project because people are aghast at the fabric in the photograph.

So make sure you look at the line drawings on the pattern envelope and in the pattern books, folks.  You may just pass up a great pattern because the fabric in the illustration or photograph isn’t to your taste.  Or anyone’s taste, for that matter.

Ideally, we’d like to see this re-issued with the art changed to a black silk faille or shot silk in two distinct colors.  Or maybe a smooth solid rayon.  It would be nice not to have to preface introducing or suggesting it with “Now, you are going to see this plaid and think we’re crazy here, but…”

Seriously.  Try it.  Well worth your time if you like a palazzo leg with a fitted waist and bodice.

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