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Open Sewing Sessions for the Summer!

We’ve been getting a lot of messages and emails from folks who have unfinished things that they’d like to finish and thought we’d give you a helping hand!

To that end, we are opening up the workrooms for everyone to finish the projects they’ve started and just haven’t gotten around to finishing for whatever reason.  It doesn’t matter if you started them here, at home, or somewhere else – we’ll get you fit and finished and on your way. Just like a regular day up here, we won’t allow more than 6 people at a time.

Here is how it is going to work:

Current and past students are free to come for however long, non-students over 16* pay just $10 an hour for as long as you want in 3-hour blocks.
You book the days and times we have available in advance, come up, and sew, sew, sew.
It is our way of saying thank-you for almost 15 years of sewing class shenanigans at the workrooms.

Here are our open sewing days & times:


Monday 9 July: 12-9
Tuesday 10 July: 12-9
Friday 13 July: 12-9
Saturday 14 July: 12-9
Monday 16 July: 12-9
Friday 20 July: 12-9
Saturday 21 July: 12-9


Monday 6 August: 12-9
Friday 10 August: 12-9
Saturday 11 August: 12-9
Monday 20 August: 12-9
Tuesday 21 August: 12-9
Wednesday 22 August: 12-9

Saturday 8 September we will finish off the Summer with a…
Fabric and pattern exchange from 12-9!

Sunday 9 September we will be doing a caravan tour through various Chicago fabric stores!

So email us about coming up and we’ll get you situated!

Keep in mind these are not part of the regular sewing class process – Tchad is going to be here, sure, but there is going to be lots of other stuff going on with his work and everything else in the mix.  It is going to be looser in tone than normal. It can function as workspace and support, but it won’t have the sense of “sewing class” proper.  It is a way for you guys to finish up projects, get your sewing in order with some advice and support, and commune with other sewers.

Even though it isn’t part of the regular sewing class process, you may still find our Frequently Asked Questions useful.

*Non-Students means anyone who has never been to the workroom before and is over 16 years old.