Screen grab of article about Dion Terrelonge's work in the psychology of fashion and style in the British Psychological Society's website.

Good Read on Style, Fashion, and Psychology

One of the nice things about having such a diverse group of people in and out of your door is that you get exposed to such a wide range of ideas.

We will frequently get text messages from people that start with “Have you read this?  Its really interesting!” followed by a link.

Verena, a Psychologist on the faculty at De Paul University recently sent us this link to an article published by the British Psychological Society about personal style, fashion, and the psychology behind it that is very much worth a read:

We Live our lives in clothes…

Totally worth the time if you are interested in the intersection of clothing, design, fashion, and personal psychology.  There is a certain parallel that we try to get across here as it relates to our work.