Amber works on her wedding dress at the Tchad workrooms sewing studio Sewing classes in Chicago

Enrolling Summer 2019 Sewing Classes Now!

We’ve just opened up the Summer 2019 sewing class enrollment and are getting ready to go! If you’ve been looking for sewing classes in Chicago, this is a great way to get in on them early and get sewing!

Sewing classes in Chicago in session at Tchad's Chicago workroom.
Sewing Class in session at Tchad’s workrooms in Chicago.


Here is what we’ve got for you this Summer:


12-3, 3-6, or 6-9
8 July – 16 September
No class 2 September
(Labor Day weekend)


3-6, or 6-9
9 July – 10 September


No Classes Scheduled


No Classes Scheduled


No Classes Scheduled


1-4 or 4-7
13 July – 21 September
No class 31 August 
(Labor Day Weekend)


10-1, 1-4, or 4-7
14 July – 22 September
No class 1 September 
(Labor Day weekend)

Nathan Perez hosts a tambour class in Chicago at the Tchad sewing Workrooms and Sewing Studios.
Nathan Perez’s tambour introductory class at the Tchad workrooms in Chicago.

Just let us know what you need – you can find our whole schedule over on the main website at Tchad or check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Sewing classes in Chicago: Omoleye alters her pattern at the Tchad workroom in Chicago.
Omoleye alters her pattern at the Tchad sewing workrooms in Chicago.