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Omoleye came to us with a basic sense of sewing and wanted to work up a duplicate of a knit skirt she already had – so we dove in and ended up with both the hard pattern for a mid-thigh knit skirt with a waistband and exposed zipper as well as the skirt itself! We don’t always start with these duplication projects, but if you keep it simple and take your time, it almost always works out great!  Read More →

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If you are draping a garment like coat or jacket, it is easy to over-fit it as you drape against the dress form.  To keep the garment from being too tight and needing alteration right off the bat, pad the dress form with a heavy sweater, jacket, or coat.   This will give you the extra volume you need to play around on the dress form and give you a better result without having to figure the ease geometrically after the garment is draped and you are correcting the pattern. As a side note, remember as you are fitting the sample on the person toRead More →

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Usually used in packing and shipping operations, a sealing iron can be a nifty tool to keep on hand in a sewing and design workroom too.  It is a little larger than the miniature irons sold in fabric and craft stores – making it easier to use and handle – but not nearly as cumbersome as a regular iron. Around here, we’ve got this little guy: Introducing the Thunder Tiger Sealing irons come in a number of shapes and sizes.  You want one that has a point and a rheostat, is preferably teflon coated, and has a slight convex curve to the sole plate. ItRead More →