Susan's beaded silk evening gown worked up at Tchad workrooms

Susan was working on her beaded silk evening gown and thought she’d sed a picture to her kids.  She snapped the pic, sent it off, and then happily chatted about them and how great they are while she couchstiched this and backstitched that. Then her phone went off.  She picked it up and read: “I don’t know, Mom. It’s A LOT” Picking up the scraps of beading, rhinestones and opals (with an assist and a wig form from Tchad) she said: “Jerks.  I’ll show them A LOT” She then sent them this:   “Well, here’s the matching hat”Read More →

All of the regular folks up here know that there is so much more than sewing going on on any given day.  There is such a mix of people from all over that you never know what you are going to be exposed to. Recently, Hillary (not that one) was showing us the effect of water pressure on styrofoam.  The head on the left was taken down 300 feet. Huh.Read More →