Verena wanted to work up some simple modern clothes for the baby she’s expecting but wanted something gender neutral and clean. She found a copy of Esprit Kimono pour les Petits and, as a palate cleanser between all of the high-end and beadwork she’s gotten herself into lately, ran out some ADORABLE baby kimono tops in cotton prints.  These will make even the grumpiest grump smile.Read More →

We found this post lingering in the drafts folder and couldn’t have felt worse.  Too cute os a project to be left in a server’s memory banks without showing it to everyone! Three types of knit and a LOT of handwork.  We get a lot of requests for knit up here, and with the caveat that sewing knit is different form woven in terms of the applied skillset, we are always down for some knit sewing!Read More →

Leather eyeglass case at tchad workrooms in chicago

Tim Tierney came to us a couple of years ago to get familiar with sewing terms and methods of construction. Since then, he and his business partners have founded Stock Manufacturing on Chicago’s Near-West side. Every now and then he pops in to just hang out or learn something specific.  The latest thing he wanted to understand was basic leather working with hand tools.  He brought us this great set of antique punches and awls and said “let’s go!”. He got to work draughting out his basic shape and then working out the details with an awl and a hand-sewn lockstitch.   At the endRead More →