Wally tailors his version of Burda 8275 in the Tchad Workrooms

Wally Works Up Burda #8275

Wally bought some thick old-fashioned tweed for his coat from Burda #8275.

Lined with red flannel backed satin, this is a great project as a first tailoring project.  The garment itself is pretty straightforward, and the looser wool allows you to tailor it with a mistake or two without looking homemade.

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Wally sets the hem…


Wally's version of Burda 8275 in the Tchad Workrooms
This loosely woven tweed needed some extra stability in it to keep it from sagging. You can see the difference in the right and left sleeve – one has been underpinned with interlining and the other hasn’t.

Back view of Wall's version of Burda #8275 at Tchad Workrooms
Back of Wally’s version of Burda #8275


Burda #8275 is out of print, but it was popular enough that you can usually find it on Etsy or Ebay.
You can read what is said about it on patternreview.com here.