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We were tooling around an old tailor’s shop that had closed down and was being sold off when we found this little guy. Let us tell you now: If you can find one of these with a cord in good shape or you have the ability to repair the cord, get it. The nice ting, besides the weight that we love so much, is that there is no flat edge to the plate of the iron.  This iron is perfect for ironing full yardage because it doesn’t leave a crimped back end mark, but it is also perfect to use as a detail iron forRead More →

Our favorite and most used iron in action at tchad workroom sewing classes in chicago

We get questions about tools all the time. At the workrooms we use old tailor’s irons that have no steam function.  We like them better for a few reasons:     1. They are heavy – somewhere in the range of 10-20 pounds.  This lets the iron do the pressing work rather than your arm. 2. They have flat plates with no steam holes.  This means that when you are pressing delicate or textured fabrics you don’t have to worry as much about damaging the texture by pressing the steam holes into the face of the fabric. We supplement the steam and moisture that aRead More →